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    Larry have 5 eggs, 3 of them will be fry tonight, how much eggs are available on the morning if one of them are stolen by rat ...?
    Answer :
    Danny have 7 girlfriends, each receive 100 dollars from Danny every week, How much money that Danny must prepare every month for the girls ?
    Answer :
    From the market, we collected this datas. Cabbage $4/kg, Chilly $6/kg, Eggs $30/kg, Carrot $20/kg. If your mom goes to market and buying 2kg Cabbage, 0.5kg Chilly, 3kg Eggs, and 1.5kg Carrots,How much mom spend the money ?
    Answer :
    Naruto fight with Pain in Konoha yesterday, he using 37 kagebushin to defeat them, each bushin that he create needed 5 energy, how much energy that Naruto used to create all bushin ?
    Answer :
    Linda have 5 candy, Ariel have 6, and Ted have 3. If each of them eat 2 candys, how much left total candys ?
    Answer :
    City A to City B 56 km, City A to City C 100km if each km need time 15 minutes, how much time we need from City B to City C ?
    Answer :
    A Company have 5000 employee. 1000 people with salary $300/month. 2000 people with salary $350/month. 700 people with salary $500/month. 300 people with salary $600/month. And the rest $10.000 / year. How much the company spend their money to pay all employee in a year ?
    Answer :
    Our heart beating 70 till 100 time a minute. How much beat in five minutes ?
    Answer :
    Cheese are made from the milk, to make 100 gram cheese, we need 900 gram milk. How much milk that we need to make 25 gram cheese ?
    Answer :
    A farmer own 57 horse. Every horse, use a apair of horse shoes. How much shoes that must be prepared ?
    Answer :
    Koala is an Australian special animal. Koala can sleep 18 hour a day. How long koala sleep on a week ?
    Answer :
    Rice on warehouse have a weight 840 kg. Every sack fill with 40 kg of rice. How much sack are there?
    Answer :
    A chicken farmer produce 92 eggs a day. How much eggs that he produce on 3 weeks ?
    Answer :
    Asti is a postage stamp collector and she save her collection in an album. The album have 16 pages. Every page have 6 lines. Each line contain 4 postage stamps. If Asti have 125 postage stamps, how much page are used by Asti ?
    Answer :
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